Experimental Study of Catalytic Cracking of Waste Plastics Blend with Heavy Gas Oil (HGO)

  • Basma Tunsi faculty of Engineering University of Tripoli
  • Asia Meshrghi faculty of Engineering University of Tripoli
  • Mawaheb Derdar faculty of Engineering University of Tripoli


Due to the ever increasing concerns about waste plastics found in the world. The main aim of recycling is transformed waste plastic from land fields to oil productions. In present study catalytic cracking of waste plastics blend with heavy gas oil (HGO) was investigated using H-ZSM5and H-BETA. Reaction systems that were studied included high density polyethylene HDPE and polypropylene blend with HGO. Reactions were carried out in one liter micro autoclave reactor under different conditions of weight, temperature and type of catalyst. The optimum conditions were 2.5% catalyst by weight of total feed stock, one hour residence time, studying at atmospheric pressure and three selected temperatures 400Cº, 425Cº, and 450Cº. The product distribution for the system [plastics and HGO] provided promised results of high yield of liquid [gasoline] up to 210Cº, gases and small amount of heavy oils. From results were found highest conversion achieved was 45% at 4500C cracking temperature with 20% HDPE using H-ZSM5 catalyst. In addition, the catalyst H-ZSM5 has been given higher than H-BETA at all selected temperature rang.