Design of FIR filter for DAC distortion compensation

  • Mahdi A. Hafi faculty of engineering university of Tripoli


Digital signal processing (DSP) has been and is still a major block in the design of many system applications. It is also involved in the manufacturing of equipment/devices in the fields of digital communications, digital control, ...etc. (Steven W. Smith, Robert Oshana 2012). In our physical world many signals are analog by nature, and this necessitates conversion process from one type to another. Conversion however, can lead to some information loss or may not be preserved. It can also result in signal distortion(James H. McClellan, et al). Depending on the accuracy and sensitivity of the information, extra steps maybe taken in the overall system design to compensate for the distortion and/or information loss. This paper will deal with an approach that would minimize this distortion through the design and implementation of FIR type digital filter.