Rotodynamic examination for ball bearing turbocharger

  • Amer H. akier Faculty of Education, University of Tripoli
  • Hosni M. Zaghwan Jadu Faculty University of Nalut
  • Ahmed A. Abdelhafid Jadu Faculty University of Nalut


The construction of the turbocharger rotor protects the special type of oil film as a dynamic method of both sealing power and film bearing strength; this could be for some types of sealed turbocharger. The hardness and damping matrices of the sealed construction calculated by applying short bearing theory, which included forming a simulation model of the complete rotor system compared with the experimental ones and also compared with the simulation outcomes of a rotor system without sealed construction on over speed, unbalance and solidness reaction were revealed by this way. This paper has shown that the sealed construction is of substance within the rotor dynamics examination for ball bearing turbo charger, and here the short bearing theory is still available.


كيفية الاقتباس
akier, A. H., Zaghwan, H. M., & Abdelhafid, A. A. (2021). Rotodynamic examination for ball bearing turbocharger. الأستاذ, 20(2). استرجع في من