Adjustment and Analysis of Libyan Geodetic reference (LGD 2000 to LGD 2014 epoch 2000)

  • Mohammed Akresh faculty of engineering - University of Tripoli
  • Ali Saeid faculty of engineering Tripoli University of Tripoli


During the past decades (1956-2006), Libya has used several different geodetic references, with a group of different companies and from multiple countries implementing and establishing ground control networks and various geodetic references, which has negatively affected the Libyan coordinate system.

The Libyan Surveying Department consolidated these systems under the LGD2000.3822 reference, using the data of the continuously operating reference stations (CORS) for the year 2000, the reference frame for the movement of the global crust movement ITRF 2000 for the epoch 2000 according to the Julys' calendar. Since then, this reference has not been updated, which adversely affects the coordinate system, due to changes in the earth's crust from volcanoes and earthquakes to the occurrence of Libya between the African and European tectonic plates. This study was updated with the control and analysis of the Libyan reference LGD 2000 to the LGD 2014 reference for the epoch 2010, and this study concluded that the new reference is suitable for GPS satellite monitoring techniques and gives better accuracy than the previous reference.

كيفية الاقتباس
Akresh, M., & Saeid, A. (2021). Adjustment and Analysis of Libyan Geodetic reference (LGD 2000 to LGD 2014 epoch 2000). الأستاذ, 20(1). استرجع في من